Why is branding important? It is your business’s personality and the image you want it to evoke. People are quick to judge a person, and it's the same for your company. People evaluate the way you present yourself, your look, and your overall style but instead it’s your logo, your photos, your products, and how you present your work. Branding makes a lasting impression.

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Define how your brand looks, feels, and sounds

Clearly articulate who you are as well as why what you do is unique and special. Craft your own brand book with your unique strategy and guidelines.

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Target your audience

Identify your target audience and how to structure your brand to best serve them. Create a buyer persona so you know how to reach them through advertising and recognize their pain points.

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Infuse your brand into every experience and interaction

Understand how to build an effective brand identity and infuse your brand into every experience and interaction.

Meet your Instructor

Founder of AOW Handmade, Annie O. Waterman has accrued over 14 years of experience working within the global artisan sector. Annie helps her clients source socially responsible artisan products and cultivates mutually beneficial partnerships between buyers and artisans. She brings unique handmade goods to the mainstream consumer while sustaining craft traditions and creating market exposure for artisans worldwide. Having spent many years in the field, Annie offers a diverse set of skills, including product development, market research, business mentoring, and artisan sourcing.

Hear from Annie Waterman's Clients

“"[My biggest challenge before taking Artisan Branding was] Understanding how to properly rebrand my company to attract our target market. (I was) anxious and unsure of what next steps to take.

(What changed after taking the course was) My understanding of artisan branding, other artisan brands in the space, what to look for in our photography, the importance of colors and fonts, etc.

This was an engaging and concise course full of useful information. Annie, the instructor, was fantastic and so knowledgeable." 

-Caleigh Hernandez, RoHo

"Annie has asked us challenging questions, prompted us to hone our ‘why’ and helped us to establish what sets our business apart from the rest. She is honest and trustworthy and when the time comes for us to expand, we will definitely seek to collaborate with Annie again. ”

— Emma Campbell, The Campbell Collection

“Consulting with Annie on where to begin when starting our artisan business was hands down the best investment we have made. She takes the guesswork out of the (typically daunting) process of starting a successful artisan business and uses her years of industry expertise to offer tailored, no-nonsense advice. After working with her, we now have a roadmap of the steps we need to take, with advice and what to consider at each stage. This is something Googling alone could have never provided us!”

— Lizzie LaCour

Artisan Branding Curriculum

Take a look at the curriculum outline below and watch the free previews to get an idea of what you will learn in this course.

  Intro to Artisan Branding
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  Lesson 1: Claiming Your Artisan Advantage Through Branding
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  Lesson 2: Building A Visual Brand Identity
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  Lesson 3: Defining your Brand Essence
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  Lesson 4: Carving Out your Unique Space
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  Lesson 5: Crafting your Look, Feel and Tone
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  Lesson 6: Crafting your Perfect Identity
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  Lesson 7: Building Brand Experiences
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  BONUS: Questions and Answers
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Artisan Branding

Claiming your artisan advantage through branding.

In this course, you will:

  • Define how your brand looks, feels and sounds
  • Target your audience
  • Infuse your brand into every experience and interaction
  • Create your own Brand Book
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